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Amzp - Lacemaking
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1 Bobbinlace Chat Group - Anything related to the craft of making bobbin lace. User! boris Vote(0)  577
2 Needlelace Club - Needlelace lacemaking. Needle tatting, Irish crochet lace, lace costuming, etc. User! boris Vote(0)  532
3 Avital's Fibers - Floral Torchon Bookmark, Armenian Needlelace, Hairpin Lace, and more. User! boris Vote(0)  431
4 Lacemakers of Calais - Our members are descendants of English Lacemakers. User! boris Vote(0)  424
5 Reclaiming Your Heritage, Lace and Linen - The ultimate in study guides to vintage lace and lacy linens. User! boris Vote(0)  355
6 International Forum of Lace - International Forum of Lace and Embroidery - Rimini / ITALY. User! boris Vote(0)  312
7 The Structures of Antique Lace - Welcome to both lacemakers and antique lace collectors! User! boris Vote(0)  283
8 Brenda's Lace - Lace for Sale, Bibliography of Lacemaking Books, and much more. User! boris Vote(0)  265
9 Brenda Paternoster - Instructions for making paper bobbins and other lacemaking information. User! boris Vote(0)  246
10 Lacemaking Webring - Designed to link sites which deal with an interest in the art of lace making. User! boris Vote(0)  238
11 La Dentelles - The national & international demonstrations, the classes in lines, the reports. User! boris Vote(0)  226
12 The Lace Museum - It is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1981. User! boris Vote(0)  212
13 - A site for a hand-made bobbin lace. Lace patterns. User! boris Vote(0)  205
14 Lacemaking - Group of Lacemakers & collectors, suppliers & producers of lace making supplies. User! boris Vote(0)  196
15 La Encajera - The first Spanish magazine dedicated to lace. User! boris Vote(0)  196
16 Doina and Tiana - It is a craft used by the Romanian women to enrich their home decor. User! boris Vote(0)  191
17 Knotwork - Hand turned lace bobbins and lace related items. User! boris Vote(0)  191
18 Lace Magazine - It is the premier publication for lacemakers and collectors worldwide. User! boris Vote(0)  189
19 Cowper & Newton Museum - The lace making industry, The lace schools, The lace makers, and more. User! boris Vote(0)  184
20 Saraphi Handmade Silk Lace - Bobbin Lace from An International Award-Winning Designer. User! boris Vote(0)  184
21 LaceFairy's Lacemaking Central - The Largest Lace and Lacemaking site on the net! User! boris Vote(0)  182
22 The Lacemakers Circle - Provides a focus for hobby lacemakers of all ages. Lacemakers Circle sales. User! boris Vote(0)  179
23 Jean's Lace Definitions - Beadwork necklaces, runners, doylies and other craft work. User! boris Vote(0)  178
24 Poole Bobbin Lace Circle - Pams Pattern Page, Lace Day in Poole, Lacey Links, and more. User! boris Vote(0)  177
25 Jo Edkins' Lace School - Lace schools used to teach how to make lace. This is my online lace school! User! boris Vote(0)  174
26 Howfen - An introduction to the two of the domestic crafts, Bobbin Lace & Soap Crafting. User! boris Vote(0)  174
27 Isis Lacemakers - It is a very busy, friendly group based in Oxford. Calendar, Links and Gallery. User! boris Vote(0)  169
28 Carolina's Lace Site - Lace Flower Exhibition, Lace Day events, Blen Lace Museums. User! boris Vote(0)  162
29 Digital Archive of Documents - This site is home for an archive of documents on weaving and related material. User! boris Vote(0)  161
30 Knitted Heirloom Lace - Featuring books containing patterns for fine lace knitting. User! boris Vote(0)  161
31 Batten Lace - An object of art - Handmade Lace. How to make 'Batten Lace'. User! boris Vote(0)  159
32 Jana Onuskova - It is one of the most known makers of bobbin lace in Europe. User! boris Vote(0)  155
33 Rustyx Lace - I make Bobbin Lace and Needle Lace. I also like to Knit and Crochet. User! boris Vote(0)  155
34 Lace Exhibitions - Collection 'Orecchini Chiacchierino' with pictures of tatting earrings. User! boris Vote(0)  153
35 Lefkara Lace - Discover the amazing art of Cyprus traditional Lefkara Lace making. User! boris Vote(0)  151
36 Steph's String Related Stuff - Bobbin Lace, Old Staffordshire, Crochet - 63 Square Afghan, and more. User! boris Vote(0)  150
37 Kate's Lace - I want to show you some of my favourite bobbin laces. User! boris Vote(0)  150
38 Guild of Irish Lace Makers - Look at the Gallery of our Work, See photographs from The Lace. More. User! boris Vote(0)  149
39 Dreams of Lace - This site is intended for Lace and Embroidery lovers. User! boris Vote(0)  148
40 Mary Margaret Nousek - Mary enjoys studying the history and construction of handmade laces. User! boris Vote(0)  145
41 Needlelace - It s the art of making lace with a needle and thread. User! boris Vote(0)  145
42 Sheelin Irish Lace Museum - All the items for sale are antique and handmade. User! boris Vote(0)  144
43 Lace Design - Inspiration for contemporary lace designers. Exhibitions, showcase, and more. User! boris Vote(0)  144
44 Alissa's Lace - Pictures of lacemaking bobbins, pillows, and from lace events. User! boris Vote(0)  143
45 Eitel's Bobbin Lace - Bobbin Lace examples and personal Genealogy info. User! boris Vote(0)  140
46 Allhallows Museum - Lace has been made in Honiton for over 400 years. User! boris Vote(0)  139
47 Dalla Lidia Merletti d'Arte - We have try to give you the best selection of our lace. User! boris Vote(0)  136
48 Alencon Lace - Bibliographic references on Alençon Lace. How to see Alençon Lace. User! boris Vote(0)  134
49 Gon Homburg - Lessons, Michailov lace, Lessons, Gallery, Skansk lace, and more. User! boris Vote(0)  123
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