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1 Glass Chat - The destination for stained glass. Special deals on Closeout Items! User! boris Vote(0)  730
2 Glass Chat - The destination for stained glass. Special deals on Closeout Items! User! boris Vote(0)  486
3 Spectrum Glass - Reviving the Art of Fine Craftsmanship. User! boris Vote(0)  405
4 Karal Studio - My experience with stained glass is long and varied. User! boris Vote(0)  354
5 Stained Glass Town Square - A friendly forum for stained glass artisans, hobbyists and professionals. User! boris Vote(0)  329
6 The Judson Studios - The JUDSON STUDIOS, Designers and craftsmen since 1897. User! boris Vote(0)  292
7 Bogenrief Studios - Over 25 years of creating exquisite works of stained glass. User! boris Vote(0)  246
8 Jackman's Glass Studio - The Studio specializes in custom designed stained glass windows. User! boris Vote(0)  210
9 The Stained Glass Handbook - Glass-cutting and breaking techniques, On-line demonstration videos, and more. User! boris Vote(0)  209
10 Robert Oddy Stained Glass Artist - Lots of images organized in different ways. User! boris Vote(0)  202
11 - Stained glass lamps and windows. Gallery and more. User! boris Vote(0)  199
12 Tiffany Art Glass - The artist also does reproductions of Tiffany and Frank Lloyd Wright lamps. User! boris Vote(0)  199
13 Stained Glass Info - Stained Glass Source For Supplies, Patterns And Windows. User! boris Vote(0)  188
14 John K Clark Glasspainter - The purpose is to show those interested in Stained Glass the various projects. User! boris Vote(0)  187
15 Kemper Studio - A painter who makes blown glass walls using ground-breaking techniques. User! boris Vote(0)  177
16 Glass Patterns Quarterly - The leading international Glass Patterns Magazine. User! boris Vote(0)  175
17 Derek Hunt Limelight Studios - There are lots of examples of my work on this site. User! boris Vote(0)  168
18 New Hope Stained Glass - It is the work of Dan & Jill Burstein. User! boris Vote(0)  167
19 Judith Schaechter - Bigtop Flophouse Bedspins By Judith Schaechter. User! boris Vote(0)  166
20 Rouault Studio - Stainedglass memo, fusing memo, sandblast memo. User! boris Vote(0)  164
21 Nicky's Glass - This is for all the people who have expressed an interest in my hobby. User! boris Vote(0)  163
22 Theodore Ellison Designs - We create unique windows that combine traditional design with your needs. User! boris Vote(0)  156
23 Cappy Thomson - The major practitioner of the art of transparent enameling. User! boris Vote(0)  155
24 Art Windows - Custom Stained Glass, Collection of Custom Made Windows. User! boris Vote(0)  155
25 Aanraku Stained Glass - We have been creating and teaching glass art since 1962. User! boris Vote(0)  151
26 Barton Art Glass Works - A mild-mannered eccentric glass artist with a home studio in central California. User! boris Vote(0)  150
27 rte en Vidrio - Fine Stained Glass - Stained Glass, Glass Arts, Glass Works, Sand Blast, and more. User! boris Vote(0)  147
28 Caroline Loveys - Stained glass is a decorative skill that is centuries old. User! boris Vote(0)  147
29 Sherry Yost - Lost Art Originals - Art and Architectural glass and tile. Located in Spokane, Washington. User! boris Vote(0)  144
30 Accendi Glacie - You can see Anna's artwork. Stained Glass Classes Beginning to Advanced. User! boris Vote(0)  143
31 Stained Glass by Stephen A. Fregeau - The Stained Glass work of 20th Century Glass Artist Stephen A. Fregeau. User! boris Vote(0)  141
32 Boquio Iron & Glass - Tricia teaches the traditional stained glass techniques. User! boris Vote(0)  140
33 Stevenson Stained Glass Studio - We pride ourselves on quality craftmanship, & personal attention to every order. User! boris Vote(0)  139
34 Point Silence - Glass is historically a flat and inflexible medium of expression. User! boris Vote(0)  139
35 Helen Watson Stained Glass - Helen can design and make custom windows for your house or business. User! boris Vote(0)  134
36 Glass Threshold - We specialize in hand-painted, kiln-fired custom windows. User! boris Vote(0)  133
37 Galway Stained Glass - Founded by artist and owner Kevyn Tuohy in 1984. User! boris Vote(0)  133
38 Scholes Studios - We are a full service glass studio. User! boris Vote(0)  132
39 Cole Sonafrank - A wide variety of artistic media including lead-free stained glass, mosaics, etc User! boris Vote(0)  132
40 Fertilis - Tomomi Ikeda - I produce only one stained glass work by my original design. User! boris Vote(0)  131
41 Denali Designs - The focus of my work is quality. I love to work on one of a kind, unique designs User! boris Vote(0)  128
42 Gong Glass Works - Desings for residential, commercial and institutional applications. User! boris Vote(0)  128
43 Hamm Glass Studios - Historic reproductions, modern restorations, and original designs. User! boris Vote(0)  122
44 Harriet Hyams - Hyams assumes complete responsibility for her projects. More information. User! boris Vote(0)  122
45 Torr Lith Stained Glass - Here you can see some of our work in the gallery section. User! boris Vote(0)  119
46 Luminosity Studios - Includes all applications in leaded, stained and beveled glass. User! boris Vote(0)  113
47 Robert Nechin - Robert Nechin Stained Glass Artist, ein-hod artists' Village, Israel. User! boris Vote(0)  108
48 A Touch of Glass - It is a professional stained glass studio, located in Forsyth, Georgia. User! boris Vote(0)  101
49 Wendy Barrett Glass - Wendy Barrett has worked with glass since 1975. User! boris Vote(0)  101
50 Reflections Glass Studio - Brigitte Wolf has been working in glass for over 15 years. User! boris Vote(0)  93
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