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Amzp - Classical Studies
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1 Voice of the Shuttle: Classical Studies - History & Culture, Archaeology, Language Resources, and mucn more. User! boris Vote(0)  359
2 Main Reading Room - Classical and Medieval History. Greek and Latin Learning Tools. User! boris Vote(0)  344
3 - Resources on the great classical poets & dramatists from Ancient Greece & Rome. User! boris Vote(0)  319
4 Text Tools and Lexica - Tools for searching and browsing the Perseus Digital Library. User! boris Vote(0)  290
5 Summer Courses in the Classics - An index of Greek and Latin courses. User! boris Vote(0)  245
6 Classical Studies (humanities.classics) - A Summary of Classical Latin Pronunciation (from Vox Latina). User! boris Vote(0)  244
7 Latin and Greek Authors on the Web - Texts, translations, bibliographies, authors, and more. User! boris Vote(0)  239
8 San Antonio College LitWeb - Latin Literature, Ancient Greek Literature, Christian Latin Literature, & more User! boris Vote(0)  234
9 Greek and Latin Language Resources - Ancient Greek spellings of the names of some Gods. Latin Manuscripts. User! boris Vote(0)  229
10 Shakespeare's sources online - William Shakespeare, Roman Plays, Latin sources, Greek literature, Caesar. User! boris Vote(0)  229
11 Division of Classics - Department of Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures, & Cultures. User! boris Vote(0)  224
12 Stoa Consortium - Serving news, projects, and links for digital classicists everywhere. User! boris Vote(0)  223
13 A Bibliography of the Ancient Novel - The Petronian Society Newsletter. Summary of Ancient Novels. User! boris Vote(0)  220
14 Ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome - Latin dictionaries, phrases and proverbs. German language learning tools. User! boris Vote(0)  218
15 Electronic Resources for Classicists - Lists and Links to Classics Resources. Indexes and Bibliographies. User! boris Vote(0)  217
16 Classics Technology Center - This is the portal of Classics education. Free teaching and learning materials. User! boris Vote(0)  214
17 Classical Drama Sites - Modern Actors Staging Classics. Greek Drama, now History and Culture in Ancient. User! boris Vote(0)  207
18 Maecenas - Greek architecture, photographs, pictures, illustrations, temples, and more. User! boris Vote(0)  201
19 Ancient History Sourcebook - Human Origins, Greek Civilizations, Hellenistic World, Christian Origins, & more User! boris Vote(0)  200
20 Internet Resources for Classical Studies - Undergraduate Program, Graduate Program, Courses, and more. User! boris Vote(0)  195
21 Literary Resources - Index of literary resources available on the Web. User! boris Vote(0)  193
22 Ancient World - We present you here the ebooks of the most outstanding ancient writers. User! boris Vote(0)  180
23 Studies in the Classics - Humanities, Greek, Latin, Classical Literature and more. User! boris Vote(0)  179
24 CSAD - Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents. Links to Other Related Sites. User! boris Vote(0)  158
25 Corinth Computer Project - Methodologies, Historical Background, Corinth Related Links and City Plan. User! boris Vote(0)  156
26 Greek 'n' Stuff - Biblical Greek and Latin for children. Learn Greek Letter. User! boris Vote(0)  156
27 Diotima - Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World. User! boris Vote(0)  149
28 Ancient Scripts of the World - Origins of Writing Systems, Language Families, Games and much more. User! boris Vote(0)  137
29 Alexandria on the Web - Publications, Past Events and Culture. User! boris Vote(0)  136
30 Torrey Philemon's Muses - Greek Mythology Articles by Tracy Marks. Ancient History/Greece Resources. User! boris Vote(0)  134
31 Classics Corner - The website that marks the end of Western Civilization. User! boris Vote(0)  123
32 The Internet Classics Archive - Home page, part of the Internet Classics Archive User! boris Vote(0)  107
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