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1 ASTUR program for German language - Study the German language and culture living in an German teaching host family. User! boris Vote(0)  4
2 E.L. Easton Languages online - get information about History of German Language, Dialects, Pronunciation etc. User! boris Vote(0)  3
3 HORIZONTE - It offers Literature classes and German for business, tourism, teachers, etc. User! boris Vote(0)  3
4 German Language Resource Room at URI - It offers German Language Newspapers, German Language Magazines, Literature etc. User! boris Vote(0)  3
5 Humboldt-Institut : Home Page - German culture and communication freely in German with Germans. User! boris Vote(0)  3
6 The Language Experience - Intensive German Language Training - German Language Courses for Kids & Adults. User! boris Vote(0)  3
7 TravLang - You can learn German in Germany from a number of German Language Schools. User! boris Vote(0)  2
8 TREFFPUNKT - It offers Intensive German Courses in Germany in small groups. Special seminars. User! boris Vote(0)  2
9 WWW Virtual Library - International Affairs Resources. German Language, German for Travellers, etc. User! boris Vote(0)  2
10 GERMAN LANGUAGE SCHOOL CONFERENCE - Is the national organization for private German language schools in the U.S.A User! boris Vote(0)  2
11 ALS International - Get information about the German language and its various dialects. User! boris Vote(0)  2
12 German Language Centre - It offers translation from German to English and vice versa using native speaker User! boris Vote(0)  2
13 did Deutsch-Institut - Study in Germany and live with a German host family. Special Programs. User! boris Vote(0)  2
14 IGEL Institute for German Language - A wide array of adult language classes taught by experienced native instructors. User! boris Vote(0)  2
15 - German language - Information about Language. Historically, German falls into three main periods. User! boris Vote(0)  1
16 From Language to Language - You can search multiple words by using commas [Like 'sozluk, ev']. User! boris Vote(0)  1
17 German Language Villages - Learning German has never been so effective and fun! User! boris Vote(0)  1
18 Foreign Language Schools - German courses, Intensive German courses, Super Intensive German courses ... User! boris Vote(0)  1
19 Language Study Abroad Opportunities - Study German at Klagenfurt: Intensive German language and culture. User! boris Vote(0)  1
20 Institute in Scottsdale Arizona - The Electronic German Language Institute offers a wide array of services by... User! boris Vote(0)  1
21 ALS International - Get information about the German language and its various dialects. User! boris Vote(0)  1
22 Reference Sources on the German Language - it offers practice in pronunciation of some common German sounds and more. User! boris Vote(0)  1
23 German Language Training - It offers lessonss at your home or office, flexible times, very attractive ... User! boris Vote(0)  1
24 ActiLingua Academy - It offers diverse German courses for adults and youth. Relaxed atmosphere. User! boris Vote(0)  1
25 Heidelberg School of German, Heidelberg - It provides Courses in small groups, Individual tuition intensive and extensive. User! boris Vote(0)  1
26 SPRACHFORUM HEINRICH HEINE - A school with a high quality standard and with an open and friendly atmosphere. User! boris Vote(0)  1
27 Business German - An enjoyable stay in Germany. 3 types of courses in business German. User! boris Vote(0)  1
28 International House Freiburg - German at the Teacher's Home. Intensive Group Lesson, Intensive Plus Business. User! boris Vote(0)  1
29 Colon-Language-Center - We offer a broad range of German courses at most times to suit your needs. User! boris Vote(0)  1
30 Language schools in Germany - Directory of German Language schools in Germany User! emem Vote(0)  0
31 German courses in Berlin - German language school in Berlin User! emem Vote(0)  0
32 The Goethe Institute - Learn a high standard of German effectively and successfully. User! boris Vote(0)  0
33 GLS Language Center - Oral comprehension, writing, reading and speaking in German language. User! boris Vote(0)  0
34 A.S.L. Sprachenschule - Study German in Germany. Intensive Courses, Excursions and Cultural Programmes. User! boris Vote(0)  0
35 BWS Germanlingua - German course in Berlin or Munich, Germany. Combined and Golden Age course. More User! boris Vote(0)  0
36 Eurasia Language Institute - Intensive courses in German Excellent tuition. User! boris Vote(0)  0
37 The German Language School, Manchester. - We offer online dictionaries: English-German or German-English. User! boris Vote(0)  0
38 Union Cottage Language Centre - Our German courses include information about the country, its culture and people User! boris Vote(0)  0
39 Peter Luik German Language Training - Lessons at your home or office, flexible times, attractive and fair conditions. User! boris Vote(0)  0
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