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Japanese Dogs (1) User! pao
Shiba Shikoku Kishyu Kai Akita Hokkaido Chin
shih-Tzu (0) User! chako16
okironsroom I love mimi
Dog synthesis (0) User! inugoya
dogsearch shop
Retriever (0) User! pao
Chihuahua (7) User! pao
uranise long
Papillon (16) User! pao
picture book Breeder eternal blog Community
Corgis (0) User! pao
Dachshunds (0) User! pao
miniature Dachs Kaninchen Dachhund
Dalmatian (5) User! pao
Pomeranian (0) User! pao
Spitz (0) User! pao
breeder (0) User! miruru
toypoodle HERITAGE DACHS chihuahua Bulydar
beagle (0) User! ma_am
sheltie (0) User! ma_am
schnauzer (0) User! ma_am
poodle (0) User! ma_am
toy poodle
frenchbulldog (4) User! momo
Working_Dogs (0) User! expectation
Seeing_Eye_Dog Hearing_Dogs Police_Dogs Service_Dogs
burnese (0) User! naoko0808
clover-pets (0) User! clover-pets
collie (0) User! skou
boston terrier (0) User! renmama
Yorkshire terrier (0) User! aoi_kahala
Marchandise (0) User! submitjapan
Saluki (0) User! 3670aktd
Cavalier (0) User! riceruu
dog_search (0) User! dog-superguide
dog salon (0) User! mzdesign
dogwear (0) User! kazuf
dog (0) User! mkybiz
Jack Russell Terrier (0) User! redhotyugepepper
WanwanCargo (0) User! wanwancargo
Dog food (0) User! platinumpet
Guide & Links (0) User! pao
breeding intelligence synthes Organizations Lost_and_Found Chats Links Health
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1 Crazy for Dogs - Celebrating dogs with articles, facts, photos, games, more. User! nety Vote(0)  474
2 K9Country - is commited to providing Dog Lovers and Fanciers information. User! nety Vote(0)  401
3 Barking Buddies - Dogs Online! Photos, chat, Games and much more! User! nety Vote(0)  366
4 - Pet store, pet blog, resources and more. User! nety Vote(0)  313
5 Dogs India - All about dogs, breeders,breeds,Indian breeds and other info in India. User! nety Vote(0)  307
6 DogHobbyist - the information portal for the canine enthusiast User! nety Vote(0)  283
7 Digital Dog - Training, Behavior, Dog Breed Directory and More! User! nety Vote(0)  276
8 The Dog Scene - the premier site dedicated to pedigree dogs (and their owners) in the UK. User! nety Vote(0)  258
9 Dog FAQ - You can find Dog FAQ Index here. User! nety Vote(0)  238
10 Dogs from - A Resource for Dog Owners and Owners-to-be User! nety Vote(0)  183
11 Professor Hunt's Dog Page - A general dog information page emphasizing rescue, therapy dogs, and nutrition. User! nety Vote(0)  183
12 For Dog Lovers Everywhere - for dog lovers who enjoy poems, humor, stories, polls, quizes and more. User! nety Vote(0)  177
13 Dogstop - The one stop for all of your dog needs User! nety Vote(0)  169
14 Dogs Worldwide - The Ultimate Showcase for the Canine World and The Comprehensive Guide User! nety Vote(0)  163
15 Do You Look Like Your Dog? - A contest for dog owners who look like their dogs. User! nety Vote(0)  157
16 Puppy Chow - offering product information and expert advice and insight for owners User! nety Vote(0)  156
17 Dog Infomat - dedicated to assisting dog owners and enthusiasts User! nety Vote(0)  140
18 - learn about the different dog breeds and so much more! User! nety Vote(0)  132
19 Dog Logic - DogLogic's Information applies to ALL breeds. User! nety Vote(0)  127
20 - Online dog community for all dog breeds. User! nety Vote(0)  124
21 Dog Owner's Guide - More than 300 pages of features, breed profiles,training tips,health info.more! User! nety Vote(0)  108
22 French bulldog kennel Zon Miracl - We breed Frenchies for health, temperament and top quality. User! zonmiracl Vote(0)  100
23 Best Friends Pet Resort & Salon - Pet boarding, dog boarding & grooming!! User! nety Vote(0)  98
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